Introduction Article

You have within you right now a series of extraordinary, natural abilities and powers that you have hardly scratched the surface of or perhaps don’t even know exist.

The most successful people in the world apply them all the time and anybody, once they know what they are, can do the same.

Once you do start to use them, they will help you to be able to live as you please and to create all the the experiences you want to have, such as a great lifestyle, fulfilling relationships, financial security, an interesting career, enjoyable leisure activities, a deeper understanding of yourself and access to all the higher things of life.

But, in order for you to do that, first of all you need to be able to use much more of your mind.

Your mind is the faculty that chooses and creates your life. It has all sorts of extraordinary and even unimaginable powers that you have not yet accessed.

Once you awaken more of its abilities you find your life filling with coincidences, synchronicity, intuition, inspiration, greater creativity and far more awareness.

These all enhance you life in amazing ways.

To help; you discover what you can do, I would like to invite you to receive the first three chapters of my best selling book: ‘Absolute Happiness’ about how your mind works and how you can create your life to be more what you want it to be. We will cover your unconscious, your subconscious, your conscious and the greatest prize of all, the Superconscious mind – which is the most amazing faculty you have.

You will also receive invitations to regular brilliant free webinars that will help you discover your true purpose, free yourself from the restrictions of the past, as well as bring into being the experiences you want to create in your life, so you can enjoy far more success, love and freedom.

Together, these free gifts are a synthesis of the greatest knowledge of how to have the best life possible that has been discovered by the wisest human beings and it is something that will be really valuable and practical for your whole life.

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There are three types of freedom:

The first is freedom to live as you please, to create your life to be the way that you want it to be and to live without oppression or social engineering by anyone else.

External freedom, this first type, requires you to live in a truly free, fair and open society. You need to have freedom of speech, freedom of the press and most importantly the freedom to create your own income in any way that you prefer.

The second type of freedom is inner freedom. This is very important simply because without inner freedom you will always feel trapped and limited by something out of your control and be unable to express yourself fully.

Inner freedom requires you to be able to direct your mind and use it, and its power, to master yourself and your life.

As you shall shortly see, your mind has extraordinary powers and abilities that very few people ever access. If you really want to transform your life then it is to your mind you must turn.

The third type is freedom from suffering. Unfortunately, this is the condition that most people experience, be it consciously or subconsciously, be it physical, psychological or emotional suffering.

This is the goal of all intelligent people.

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